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    Mupfure Mbira Group 2017
    Mupfure Mbira Group 2017 Mupfure Mbira Group from Mudzimurema Village in Chihota Communal Area consists of 3 mbira players (ages 64 to 70), a singer, and a hosho player (both younger). Enjoy their use of 3 different interlocking parts in many of these Shona mbira classics. The group’s tuning is close enough to G that those with G pitch nyamaropa tuning mbiras will be able to play along with them. Tuning: nyamaropa. [Total time: 77:06]
    1. Muzoriwa “Chigamba”  [12:58]
    2. Shumba  [12:48]
    3. Dande  [12:52]
    4. audio sampleChipembere svosve  [13:18]
    5. audio sampleMuka tiende  [8:56]
    6. Mahororo  [9:24]
    7. audio sampleMutamba  [6:26]


    Davison Nyagaba 2017
    Davison Nyagaba 2017 Davison Nyagaba is a musician from the Mamina part of Mhondoro Communal Area, now working near Chivhu. This album includes kushaura parts for mbira classics. Because his mbira is in Magaya “Standard” nyamaropa tuning, those with mbiras in that tuning will be able to play kutsinhira parts together with this album, or learn the kushaura parts he plays. Tuning: nyamaropa. [Total time: 79:52]
    1. Nyamaropa  [12:50]
    2. Mahororo  [10:32]
    3. Taireva  [12:06]
    4. audio sampleKari mugomba  [7:20]
    5. Shumba  [11:57]
    6. Chipembere  [9:10]
    7. audio sampleDangu rangu  [9:01]
    8. Nhema musasa  [6:33]


    Cainot Gweremwezhe 2017
    Cainot Gweremwezhe 2017 Cainot Gweremwezhe is a singer known for his soulful songs of prayer to the ancestors. He is also the leader of the outstanding Dzapasi Mbira Group in the Rwizi section of Mhondoro Communal Area. Here he plays mbira solo in nyamaropa tuning (around G# pitch) on both mbira classics and vocal classics put to mbira, and (of course!) sings. Tuning: nyamaropa. [Total time: 79:54]
    1. audio sampleTadzungaira “Vamuroro”  [14:50]
    2. Muka tiende  [12:56]
    3. audio sampleTaireva  [11:02]
    4. Nherera zvichengete  [4:32]
    5. Vanofa vachizvarwa vamwe  [4:54]
    6. Mahororo  [11:48]
    7. audio sampleNyamaropa  [4:42]
    8. audio sampleNhema musasa  [8:04]
    9. Chipembere  [6:42]


    Martin Manjonjo & Reggies Munzwanenzewe 2017
    Martin Manjonjo & Reggies Munzwanenzewe 2017 These musicians, from Manjonjo and Ruzvidzo villages in Murehwa Communal Area, play an interestingly different style on some of the pieces in their nyamaropa tuning repertoire. The interplay between the 2 mbira parts keeps shifting and changing on Nhema musasa, for example. Tuning: nyamaropa. [Total time: 79:52]
    1. audio sampleMahororo  [10:12]
    2. Nyamaropa huru  [7:01]
    3. audio sampleNhema musasa  [7:55]
    4. Nhema musasa  [7:17]
    5. Nhema musasa  [8:46]
    6. Shumba  [4:53]
    7. Bangidza  [8:20]
    8. Dande  [4:34]
    9. Chipembere  [5:43]
    10. Chipindura  [5:30]
    11. audio sampleKariga mombe  [8:55]


    Tute Chigamba 25 January 1991: Solo & with son Garadziva, age 16, Gandanga/Mavembe Tuning Mbira
    Tute Chigamba 25 January 1991: Solo & with son Garadziva, age 16, Gandanga/Mavembe Tuning Mbira One can never tire of listening to mbira master Tute Chigamba! Even after listening to many of his recordings, there are new exciting variations to discover. This 1991 gandanga/mavembe tuning recording includes 10 solos, and then 7 duets with son Garadziva. Garadziva was only 16 at the time, but already an accomplished mbira player. Tuning: Gandanga/Mavembe. [Total time: 87:50]
    1. Nyatwa kutsinhira  [4:08]
    2. Taireva yekare  [5:28]
    3. Mutamba  [3:48]
    4. audio sampleNyama musango  [5:53]
    5. Nyuchi  [2:54]
    6. Dandemutande  [4:11]
    7. Chipembere  [5:14]
    8. audio sampleChipindura  [3:36]
    9. Shumba  [4:35]
    10. Shumba yatubwete  [6:06]
    11. Mbavarira “Nhimutimu”  [6:58]
    12. Dande  [6:08]
    13. audio sampleBhuka tiende  [5:39]
    14. Ndomutenda mambo  [6:48]
    15. Kariga mombe  [4:40]
    16. Pasi mupindu  [5:40]
    17. Chipembere  [6:04]


    Mabvuku Mbira Group 2017
    Mabvuku Mbira Group 2017 Let’s support mbira players who teach girls! Long LONG time mbira player Friday Mudzurure has been teaching mbira to people in his Mabvuku neighborhood of Harare for many years...including current mbira partner Charles Pfungwa Mutero. Mudzurure plays the last 3 tracks with two 10-year old girls they’ve been teaching. Enjoy Mudzurure’s funky kutsinhira bass lines! Very low nyamaropa tuning, no hosho. Tuning: nyamaropa. [Total time: 79:55]
    1. audio sampleKari mugomba  [10:08]
    2. Chipindura  [11:46]
    3. audio sampleChipembere  [8:30]
    4. Mahuhwe  [7:04]
    5. audio sampleMutamba  [8:22]
    6. Nyamaropa  [10:22]
    7. Taireva  [8:08]
    8. Nyamaropa chipembere "Nhimutimu"  [5:02]
    9. Muka tiende  [3:39]
    10. Mahororo  [2:12]
    11. Nhema musasa  [4:20]


    Samaita Vitalis Botsa Solo 2017
    Samaita Vitalis Botsa Solo 2017 More lovely healing music from Murehwa’s best! ‘Samaita’ Vitalis Botsa’s sweet mbira sounds and gentle vocals soothe and inspire...the spirits are listening. Tracks 1-3 are nyamaropa tuning (MBIRA workshop pitch, around B), and tracks 4-7 are mavembe (gandanga) tuning. Mmmm! Tuning: nyamaropa, mavembe/gandanga. [Total time: 78:42]
    1. audio sampleBangidza  [11:04]
    2. Taireva  [11:52]
    3. audio sampleDangu rangu  [11:26]
    4. Nyama musango  [10:42]
    5. Marenje  [11:20]
    6. Kanhurura  [6:10]
    7. audio sampleTadzungaira  [15:44]

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