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    Tiri Chiongotere Solo 2017
    Tiri Chiongotere Solo 2017 Master mbira player Tirivangani “Tiri” Chiongotere of Norton, Zimbabwe, romps through fascinating styles of mbira classics in his first solo recording. He plays here on an mbira he made himself, in a tuning he calls “Nyuchi” (Bees) – it’s nominally nyamaropa tuning around C pitch. Advanced mbira players may be able to learn new styles from this recording, and everyone will enjoy listening! Tuning: Nyamaropa (. [Total time: 79:40]
    1. Nyamaropa  [8:44]
    2. audio sampleChigamba  [7:38]
    3. Chipindura  [6:02]
    4. Taireva  [5:06]
    5. Mutamba  [8:06]
    6. audio sampleChipembere  [9:08]
    7. Muka tiende  [7:44]
    8. Nyamaropa chipembere “Chipembere chepasi”  [5:01]
    9. Nhema musasa  [9:40]
    10. audio sampleKuzanga  [8:04]
    11. Dangu rangu  [3:55]


    Forward Kwenda 8-9 January 1997 – Mavembe Tuning Mbira
    Forward Kwenda 8-9 January 1997 – Mavembe Tuning Mbira Casual mbira playing by a master, caught on a recording walkman. The first 3 tracks have slow portions, intended as a learning aid. Listen to Kwenda explore the pieces... Tuning: mavembe/gandanga. [Total time: 80:51]
    1. audio sampleGonamombe rerume - teaching  [6:21]
    2. Gonamombe rerume - teaching  [6:31]
    3. Tadzungaira - teaching  [4:52]
    4. Mandarendare  [4:47]
    5. audio sampleZvichapera  [7:32]
    6. audio sampleMarenje  [11:02]
    7. Tadzungaira  [10:36]
    8. Tadzungaira  [2:26]
    9. Muzazananda  [11:41]
    10. Tadzungaira  [2:25]
    11. Chipembere nhimutimu  [5:28]
    12. Muzazananda  [3:09]
    13. Marenje  [4:03]


    Mhuri yekwaRwizi: The Next Generation 25 April 2001 - Nyamaropa Tuning Mbira Group
    Mhuri yekwaRwizi: The Next Generation 25 April 2001 - Nyamaropa Tuning Mbira Group These musicians at age 18 to 21 already played strong clear mbira in the style of their fathers – Cosmas Magaya, Hakurotwi Mude, and Mondrek Muchena of the famed Mhuri yekwaRwizi mbira group. They are joined on tracks 6-8 by big brother Frank Mude. Mbira students with “Magaya standard” nyamaropa tuning (around B flat pitch) mbiras will enjoy playing along! Recorded 25 April 2001 in Highfield by Erica Azim. Tuning: Nyamaropa. [Total time: 92:28]
    1. Nhema musasa  [12:58]
    2. audio sampleMahororo  [11:14]
    3. audio sampleDande  [11:16]
    4. Taireva  [10:41]
    5. audio sampleBangidza  [5:05]
    6. Muka tiende  [9:32]
    7. Chandasarira "Chawasarira"  [6:23]
    8. Chipembere  [8:20]
    9. Kariga mombe  [10:04]
    10. Chipindura  [6:55]


    Mhuri yekwaChigamba Kumusha Part 2
    Mhuri yekwaChigamba Kumusha Part 2 Part 2 of this exciting recording of the Chigamba family group, enjoying a casual evening in their village during February 1994. now late at night. 3 mbiras, hosho, makwa (handclapping), and vocals. Mbira & Vocals: Tute, Irene and Garadziva Chigamba. Hosho: Julia Tsitsi Chigamba and Mataure Chigamba take turns. Additional vocals and makwa: Ambuya Chigamba and various family members. Recorded 1 Feb 94 at Chigamba Village, Rushinga, Zimbabwe by Erica Azim & Todd Boekelheide. Musicians: Mhuri yekwaChigamba: Tute Chigamba, Irene Chigamba, Garadziva Chigamba on mbira; Julia and Mataure Chigamba on hosho; Irene Chigamba on lead vocals Tuning: gandanga/mavembe. [Total time: 93:57]
    1. Mutamba  [12:39]
    2. Marariromba  [9:18]
    3. Masongano  [12:53]
    4. Dandemutande  [7:30]
    5. audio sampleMahororo  [7:34]
    6. Nhimutimu [Mbavarira] [9:16]
    7. Ngozi yemuroora  [8:05]
    8. audio sampleShumba yatubwete  [7:00]
    9. Ndomutenda mambo  [8:02]
    10. audio sampleMarenje  [9:45]
    11. Tinovatenda  [1:58]


    Tute Chigamba Solo 2016
    Tute Chigamba Solo 2016 Now in his mid-70’s, Tute Chigamba is still a master mbira player! Here he plays solo on gandanga (also known as mavembe) tuning, a tuning he helped to popularize with other mbira players. The pieces include both mbira classics, and some songs specific to the Chigamba family repertoire. There is mellow singing, mostly low-pitched mahonyera, with most of the pieces. And, yes, you do hear him using the left finger key in some of the songs, such as Nyuchi and Chipembere. Tuning: gandanga/mavembe. [Total time: 85:24]
    1. Tinovatenda  [2:52]
    2. Marariromba  [7:52]
    3. Mutamba “Guruve”  [7:50]
    4. audio sampleChaminuka  [2:08]
    5. audio sampleVasina katura  [7:24]
    6. Bembero  [7:52]
    7. Nhimutimu  [10:30]
    8. Dande  [8:14]
    9. audio sampleNyuchi  [6:48]
    10. audio sampleChipembere  [8:40]
    11. Nhema musasa  [6:26]
    12. Nyama musango  [9:00]


    Dambatsoko Mbira Group 2016
    Dambatsoko Mbira Group 2016 mmmMMM! It didn’t seem possible, but the senior mbira players of the Mujuru and Manjengwa families play even better here than on their excellent 2003 album. Their luscious low-pitched Dambatsoko tuning mbiras and Manjengwa’s soulful vocals are so so satisfying. These musicians take their service to the ancestors very seriously, as their top priority in life, and their music reflects that. Tuning: Dambatsoko. [Total time: 79:56]
    1. audio sampleChakwi  [10:42]
    2. Nhema musasa  [10:12]
    3. audio sampleShumba yaMutota  [13:20]
    4. Dande repasi  [9:11]
    5. audio sampleNyamaropa yevaNhowe ‘Nyamaropa yaManjengwa’  [11:18]
    6. Bangidza  [8:54]
    7. Chaminuka  [8:48]
    8. Mutamba  [7:16]


    Zvimitimunzeve “Sticks In Our Ears” with Tichafa Benhura & Wiriranai Chigonga
    Zvimitimunzeve “Sticks In Our Ears” with Tichafa Benhura & Wiriranai Chigonga Musicians Benhura and Chigonga live in the Epworth suburb of Zimbabwe’s capital Harare - part of the urban area where ancient traditional mbira music is not always welcomed...thus their chosen title, showing their defiant preference for mbira! Both are accomplished mbira players, and also add vocals on most of the tracks. Benhura’s vocals are interestingly hoarse, evoking memories of morning coming after singing all night at a bira ceremony, and Chigonga’s vocals are more smooth. Benhura is the younger brother of late great mbira player and vocalist Silas Madziva. Nyamaropa tuning. Tuning: nyamaropa. [Total time: 79:56]
    1. Mahororo  [10:34]
    2. audio sampleKari muDande  [8:40]
    3. Chipindura  [8:30]
    4. audio sampleTaireva  [10:32]
    5. audio sampleNhema musasa  [13:44]
    6. Kari mugomba  [10:17]
    7. Kariga mombe  [9:06]
    8. Muka tiende  [8:18]


    Nyamaropa yavana vaMushonga Mbira Piece Intensive
    Nyamaropa yavana vaMushonga Mbira Piece Intensive Nyamaropa yavana vaMushonga (”The version of Nyamaropa played by Mushonga’s children”) is one of the many variants of the ancient mbira piece Nyamaropa that are played in ceremonies by the large extended Mujuru family of mbira players and their associates. This piece was indroduced to international audiences by the solo performance of Muchatera Mujuru on the 1970’s album The Soul of Mbira. This collection includes 11 perfomances of the piece in Dambatsoko tuning, but it may also be played in nyamaropa tuning. Tuning: Dambatsoko. [8 tracks, Total time: 79:53]


    Chinemwenje: The One Who Brings Light - Chinemwenje Mbira Group
    Chinemwenje: The One Who Brings Light - Chinemwenje Mbira Group Ambuya Mugwagwa is the medium of the spirit of Chinemwenje – “The One Who Brings Light” – as well as a traditional healer. Here, you’ll discover that she is also a soulful, spirited singer at the age of 81! The Mujuru family are always ready to play mbira, in their luscious low Dambatsoko tuning, and are beautifully represented here by Munyaradzi and Augustine (son of Fungai), with Garnet Jemwa adding hosho. Munyaradzi also adds spirited vocals. Tuning: Dambatsoko. [Total time: 79:22]
    1. Dande “remvura”  [9:52]
    2. Mukai tiende “Dande guru”  [10:06]
    3. audio sampleKari mugomba  [9:56]
    4. Shumba  [9:52]
    5. Nhema musasa  [9:54]
    6. audio sampleNyamaropa yevaNhowe  [10:10]
    7. audio sampleMasangano  [9:50]
    8. Nyamaropa yeDambatsoko  [9:14]


    Forward Kwenda at Mbizi Game Park 30 April 1999: Nyamaropa & Nemakonde Tuning Mbira & Vocals
    Forward Kwenda at Mbizi Game Park 30 April 1999: Nyamaropa & Nemakonde Tuning Mbira & Vocals More than two hours of Forward Kwenda exploring mbira classics in the style of his spirits. Most of this recording is in “MBIRA workshop pitch” nyamaropa tuning; the first 3 tracks are in nemakonde tuning. Tuning: Nemakonde & Nyamaropa. [Total time: 136:45]
    1. audio sampleMbavarira (nemakonde tuning) [3:22]
    2. Mutamba (nemakonde tuning) [3:50]
    3. Nyama musango [Chinzvenga mutsvairo] (nemakonde tuning) [8:41]
    4. Nhema musasa (nyamaropa tuning) [7:30]
    5. Nyama musango [Chinzvenga mutsvairo] (nyamaropa tuning) [6:48]
    6. Tadzungaira (nyamaropa tuning) [6:32]
    7. Mahororo (nyamaropa tuning) [10:02]
    8. Tadzungaira (nyamaropa tuning) [13:08]
    9. audio sampleBangidza (nyamaropa tuning) [7:15]
    10. Chaminuka ndimambo (nyamaropa tuning) [11:08]
    11. Baya wabaya (nyamaropa tuning) [8:12]
    12. Taireva  [6:34]
    13. Nhema musasa  [10:30]
    14. audio sampleMahororo  [12:35]
    15. Nyama musango  [8:00]
    16. Mukai tiende  [12:38]

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