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    Munongedzo Mbira Ensemble 2017
    Munongedzo Mbira Ensemble 2017 Get ready to dance with this rocking mbira group from Mhondoro Communal Area, playing their second excellent album. The 3 mbira players each play different parts. They take turns at lead vocals, and each can really sing! Mbira is alive and well in Mhondoro! B flat nyamaropa (Magaya Standard) tuning. Tuning: nyamaropa. [Total time: 78:58]
    1. Muka tiende  [7:34]
    2. Mahororo  [7:32]
    3. Kariga mombe  [7:00]
    4. Kari mugomba  [7:28]
    5. audio sampleChemutengure  [6:58]
    6. audio sampleBangidza  [6:52]
    7. Chipembere  [6:48]
    8. Tadzungaira “Todzungaira”  [6:54]
    9. Nhema musasa  [7:24]
    10. Taireva  [7:00]
    11. audio sampleNhema musasa chipembere  [6:48]


    Kuperekedzwa Musango – Paradzayi Gombe 2017
    Kuperekedzwa Musango – Paradzayi Gombe 2017 Kuperekedzwa musango means to be accompanied in the forest, by spirits protecting and guiding one. Mbira is the music of the ancestors, which will help to keep their guidance with us in life. This talented young mbira player and mbira maker in Zimbabwe’s capital, Harare, adds boisterous vocals to a solid mbira style. This is an excellent recording for mbira students to learn from, and is played on a G pitch nyamaropa tuning mbira. Tuning: nyamaropa. [Total time: 79:46]
    1. audio sampleNhema musasa  [13:32]
    2. Muka tiende  [8:04]
    3. Kari mugomba  [8:50]
    4. audio sampleTadzungaira “Todzungaira”  [12:02]
    5. Mahororo  [9:24]
    6. Nherera  [6:38]
    7. audio sampleRwendo runo “Vadema tsanga”  [5:42]
    8. Taireva  [7:52]
    9. Nhema musasa  [7:18]


    Forward Kwenda & Erica Azim at Freight & Salvage 18 February 2001
    Forward Kwenda & Erica Azim at Freight & Salvage 18 February 2001 A live concert in 2001 featuring many tunings: tracks 1-3 are in nyamaropa tuning, tracks 4-6 are in mavembe (gandanga) tuning, tracks 7 and 8 are in nemakonde tuning, and track 9 is in katsanzaira tuning. Tracks 5 and 9 are solos, and the others are duets. Recorded by Freight & Salvage, Berkeley, CA. Photo by Mark Cohen at Zimfest. Tuning: nyamaropa, mavembe, nemakonde, katsanzaira. [Total time: 95:57]
    1. audio sampleMuzoriwa  [8:20]
    2. Chakwi  [7:38]
    3. Nhema musasa  [10:02]
    4. Shumba  [13:52]
    5. Tadzungaira  [12:20]
    6. Marenje  [12:58]
    7. audio sampleMukai tiende  [11:30]
    8. Dzauya mombe  [4:58]
    9. audio sampleDangu rangu  [13:47]


    Mbira Partners Forever! Fradreck Mujuru & Leonard Chiyanike 20 January 2017
    Mbira Partners Forever! 
Fradreck Mujuru & Leonard Chiyanike 20 January 2017 Both master mbira players and master mbira makers, Fradreck Mujuru and Leonard Chiyanike have been close friends and mbira partners since they met 50 years ago! When Chiyanike’s father worked near the Mujuru village for some years, the boys’ fathers became mbira partners, and then the boys became mbira partners, too. Imagine them playing Kariga mombe 50 years ago, and how amazing (!!!) their Kariga mombe playing is now. In Zimbabwe, one mbira song is often played for a long time before changing to another...30 minutes, an hour, or even more...particularly in a bira ceremony. Enjoy these satisfyingly long tracks. Tuning: nyamaropa. [Total time: 79:48]
    1. audio sampleKariga mombe  [40:04]
    2. audio sampleTaireva  [19:38]
    3. audio sampleTaireva yekare “Gorekore”  [19:58]


    Ndomutenda mambo Mbira Piece Intensive
    Ndomutenda mambo Mbira Piece Intensive Ndomutenda mambo ("I thank you, great spirit"), is Tute Chigamba's gorgeous variant of the traditional mbira piece Mbavarira. This collection includes 11 performances of the piece - solos, duets and groups – in mavembe/gandanga tuning. Tuning: Gandanga/Mavembe. [3 tracks, Total time: 76:43]


    Albert Zinhumwe 2017 - Nyamaropa Tuning Mbira
    Albert Zinhumwe 2017 - Nyamaropa Tuning Mbira Enjoy the full and flowing solo style of this Mhondoro Communal Area musician, played on a very low pitched nyamaropa tuning mbira. Tuning: nyamaropa. [Total time: 71:14]
    1. Dande  [12:10]
    2. Mahororo  [12:04]
    3. audio sampleChipembere  [7:00]
    4. audio sampleNyamaropa chipembere  [14:26]
    5. audio sampleTadzungaira “Muroro”  [14:48]
    6. Kari muDande  [13:12]


    Chandasarira/Chawasarira Mbira Piece Intensive
    Chandasarira/Chawasarira Mbira Piece Intensive Chandasarira (”Don’t leave me behind”), also called Chawasarira, is a traditional Shona mbira piece played in ceremonies. This collection includes 12 perfomances of the piece in nyamaropa tuning. Tuning: nyamaropa. [6 tracks, Total time: 78:07]


    Shava neSoko: Patience Chaitezvi Munjeri & Irene Chigamba 2017
    Shava neSoko: Patience Chaitezvi Munjeri & Irene Chigamba 2017 This unique recording features two women master mbira players who grew up in very traditional, and very musical, families. They both have played mbira in ceremonies since early childhood. Both are extremely talented musicians, as well as excellent teachers who have taught many others to play. Recently they became friends, and you’ll enjoy the music this happy intersection brings us! The title of the album “Shava neSoko” is an excerpt from the traditional mbira lyric “Mutupo wakanaka Shava neSoko”, “Eland and Monkey/Baboon are good totems”, because these are their totems (Patience is Shava and Irene is Soko). Mavembe/Gandanga tuning. Tuning: Mavembe/Gandanga. [Total time: 1:18]
    1. Mukai tiende  [10:36]
    2. Marenje  [6:16]
    3. Shumba  [9:38]
    4. Chipembere  [9:34]
    5. audio sampleKariga mombe  [5:12]
    6. Shanje  [9:06]
    7. Mutamba-Guruve  [7:00]
    8. audio sampleNhema musasa-Masongano  [11:08]
    9. audio sampleMbavarira  [9:20]


    The Munaku Brothers 2017
    The Munaku Brothers 2017 These young (30’s) musicians of Nyamweda in Mhondoro Communal Area are a lively group with a tight groove and a lot of potential. Brothers Anymore Tonderai Munaku and Anyway Munaku play mbira and sing together, and are joined by close friend since school days Garikai Matanhike on hosho. The mbiras are G pitch nyamaropa tuning, so those with that tuning will enjoy playing along. Tuning: G nyamaropa. [Total time: 77:09]
    1. Taireva  [10:04]
    2. audio sampleTondobayana  [10:40]
    3. audio sampleMahororo  [9:22]
    4. audio sampleKari muDande  [9:58]
    5. Shumba  [6:40]
    6. Bangidza “Chakwi”  [9:54]
    7. Mambo Chaminuka  [10:12]
    8. Tadzungaira “Nehondo”  [9:58]


    Tiri Chiongotere Solo 2017
    Tiri Chiongotere Solo 2017 Master mbira player Tirivangani “Tiri” Chiongotere of Norton, Zimbabwe, romps through fascinating styles of mbira classics in his first solo recording. He plays here on an mbira he made himself, in a tuning he calls “Nyuchi” (Bees) – it’s nominally nyamaropa tuning around C pitch. Advanced mbira players may be able to learn new styles from this recording, and everyone will enjoy listening! Tuning: Nyamaropa (. [Total time: 79:40]
    1. Nyamaropa  [8:44]
    2. audio sampleChigamba  [7:38]
    3. Chipindura  [6:02]
    4. Taireva  [5:06]
    5. Mutamba  [8:06]
    6. audio sampleChipembere  [9:08]
    7. Muka tiende  [7:44]
    8. Nyamaropa chipembere “Chipembere chepasi”  [5:01]
    9. Nhema musasa  [9:40]
    10. audio sampleKuzanga  [8:04]
    11. Dangu rangu  [3:55]

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