Chipembere Lessons 2 – Kushaura Variations – Mavembe/​Gandanga Tuning


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These 5 video lessons teach high lines for the kushaura part for the classic Shona mbira piece Chipembere (‘Rhinoceros’) in mavembe (also known as gandanga) tuning. This is a sequel to the Chipembere 11 set of lessons

The pitch is around A, the pitch of mavembe/gandanga tuning sold on this website here, but you can check if your mbira is the same pitch with the mavembe/gandanga tuning in the audio recording here. The lessons can be used with other mavembe tuning mbiras if you have pitch changing software.

You can download the videos one at a time, or all at once, but please complete downloading within 14 days of purchase before your access expires.


  1. Chipembere Kushaura High Line 2
  2. Chipembere Kushaura High Line 3
  3. Chipembere Kushaura With Less Basses
  4. Chipembere Kushaura Special Mid Range Line
  5. Chipembere Kushaura With More Basses

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Title Chipembere Lessons 2 – Kushaura Variations – Mavembe/​Gandanga Tuning
SKU video-35601-download
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