Dambatsoko Mbira Group 2016


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mmmMMM! It didn’t seem possible, but the senior mbira players of the Mujuru and Manjengwa families play even better here than on their excellent 2003 album. Their luscious low-pitched Dambatsoko tuning mbiras and Manjengwa’s soulful vocals are so so satisfying. These musicians take their service to the ancestors very seriously, as their top priority in life, and their music reflects that. [Total time: 79:56]


  1. Chakwi  [10:42]
  2. Nhema musasa  [10:12]
  3. Shumba yaMutota  [13:20]
  4. Dande repasi  [9:11]
  5. Nyamaropa yevaNhowe ‘Nyamaropa yaManjengwa’  [11:18]
  6. Bangidza  [8:54]
  7. Chaminuka  [8:48]
  8. Mutamba  [7:16]

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