Dambatsoko Teens 2009: Dambatsoko Tuning Mbira


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Where else can you find a whole group of teenagers playing mbira and hosho as they were played centuries ago?! These teens, recorded in Mujuru Village, do honor to the elders teaching them, and ensure that this is one place where traditional music will continue in the future. The mellow pace, suited to the rich low Dambatsoko tuning, is a refreshing change from the speeded up tempo preferred by many young mbira players. Let’s encourage these young musicians! [Total time: 77:39]


  1. Shumba  [7:49]
  2. Nhema musasa  [6:21]
  3. Bangidza  [10:50]
  4. Chakwi  [8:25]
  5. Baya wabaya  [8:11]
  6. Masangano  [9:08]
  7. Dande  [6:14]
  8. Nyamaropa yeDambatsoko  [7:28]
  9. Nyamaropa yevaNhowe  [12:40]

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