Dendera Resango Mbira Group – Nyamaropa Tuning 2005


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This is a juicy group, from Mhondoro Communal Area! Vocals that really grab you and make you want to put it on again and again, and an mbira style that goes interesting places too. The group’s name, Dendera Resango, means ‘Bird (ground hornbill) in the Forest’, with the intended message ‘if the bird goes into the forest, nothing will harm it – people are the ones who harm others’. [Total time: 73:28]


  1. Mahororo serewende  [5:17]
  2. Bukatiende  [9:40]
  3. Nyamaropa chipembere  [7:25]
  4. Mahororo serewende  [7:32]
  5. Taireva ‘musango’  [7:38]
  6. Kashiri ‘kariga mombe’  [7:40]
  7. Dande  [5:49]
  8. Kari mugomba  [8:51]
  9. Mahororo serewende  [12:58]

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