Dzimba ReShumba Mbira Group 2022


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Many of you have bought excellent hosho at made by Friday Chamunorwa, the leader of this group. We recorded him playing mbira solo many years ago, so now it was exciting to hear him playing together with family members, some of whom were young children when he was last recorded! Extended family and neighbors were dancing during and after this recording, we hope you will, too! B flat nyamaropa tuning (Magaya “Standard”). [Total time: 80:28]


  1. Chaminuka ndimambo  [18:02]
  2. Bangidza  [15:34]
  3. Nhema musasa  [16:22]
  4. Taireva ‘Taisireva’  [15:28]
  5. Bhuka tiende  [15:04]

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Title Dzimba ReShumba Mbira Group 2022
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