Hosho for Practice – 2012 Edition: Even Tempo


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This recording of hosho, a pair of gourd rattles traditionally played with mbira, is intended for both mbira students and hosho students (and even marimba students) to practice with. Several tempos are included, to accommodate beginning as well as advanced students. Also, some mbira pieces sound better at a faster or slower tempo than others. The2012 edition has a more even tempo on each track than the original 2002 edition. Happy practicing! [Total time: 65:28]


  1. Slow speed  [9:41]
  2. Slow speed  [9:41]
  3. Medium speed  [9:46]
  4. Medium speed  [9:46]
  5. Fast speed  [10:03]
  6. Fast speed  [10:03]
  7. Kutsinhira hosho  [6:01]

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Title Hosho for Practice – 2012 Edition: Even Tempo
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