Irene Chigamba Solo 2019 – Nyamaropa Tuning


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On this recording, master musician and dancer Irene Chigamba plays the tuning of her childhood! Long before the Chigamba family fell in love with mavembe/gandanga tuning, Irene played this tuning in ceremonies all over Zimbabwe with her parents as a young girl. If you have MBIRA workshop pitch (around B) nyamaropa tuning, you can play along with this album, and learn some new variations and singing lines. Yes, MBIRA got our teaching tuning from the Chigamba family! [Total time: 79:53]


  1. Mbavarira  [9:22]
  2. Dande  [12:34]
  3. Taireva  [11:14]
  4. Mutamba  [7:50]
  5. Nyuchi  [9:42]
  6. Vana vanotambura  [8:00]
  7. Serevende, Mahororo  [12:12]
  8. Shumba  [8:38]

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Title Irene Chigamba Solo 2019 – Nyamaropa Tuning
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