Kariga Mombe for Practice


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Kariga mombe (‘Undefeatable’) is typically the first song the new student learns. You may wish to start out practicing together with the same part you are playing, also trying the track with hosho, to hear where the beat fits with your part. Then, try practicing together with the part you are not playing, until you can hear the two parts meld. As you become comfortable playing the parts, try the faster tempo tracks.

Played in MBIRA workshop pitch (around B) nyamaropa tuning. [Total time: 62:21]


  1. Kushaura (lead part) Slow  [6:19]
  2. Kushaura & Hosho Slow  [10:42]
  3. Kutsinhira (interlocking part) Slow  [7:10]
  4. Kutsinhira & Hosho Slow  [8:20]
  5. Kushaura Faster  [7:54]
  6. Kushaura & Hosho Faster  [7:54]
  7. Kutsinhira Faster  [6:28]
  8. Kutsinhira & Hosho Faster  [7:06]

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