Kuperekedzwa Musango – Paradzayi Gombe 2017


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Kuperekedzwa musango means to be accompanied in the forest, by spirits protecting and guiding one. Mbira is the music of the ancestors, which will help to keep their guidance with us in life. This talented young mbira player in Zimbabwe’s capital, Harare, adds boisterous vocals to a solid mbira style. This is an excellent recording for mbira students to learn from, and is played on a G pitch nyamaropa tuning mbira. [Total time: 79:46]


  1. Nhema musasa  [13:32]
  2. Muka tiende  [8:04]
  3. Kari mugomba  [8:50]
  4. Tadzungaira “Todzungaira”  [12:02]
  5. Mahororo  [9:24]
  6. Nherera  [6:38]
  7. Rwendo runo “Vadema tsanga”  [5:42]
  8. Taireva  [7:52]
  9. Nhema musasa  [7:18]

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