Leonard Chiyanike & Erica Azim 2012: Live Concert


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A quiet, humble, hard-working farmer, Leonard Chiyanike is also an outstanding world-class mbira player, and a lyrical singer as well. Due to his father’s construction work, Chiyanike grew up in various parts of Zimbabwe, and thus can play mbira in a wide variety of traditional styles. His fondness for mucheje dongonda tuning, played solo on Chipindura, dates back to living in a northern area of Zimbabwe, where that type of tuning is played, during one period. Chiyanike likes to play each song for a hour or so, as is done in the traditional ceremonies that are his usual venue…but he restrained himself to around 20 minutes each, in consideration of American audiences! On tracks 1-3, played on nyamaropa tuning, he is joined by Erica Azim’s mbira and Joseph Saine’s very traditional, very groovin’, hosho (rattles). [Total time: 79:47]


  1. Mukai tiende  [20:51]
  2. Nyama musango  [22:49]
  3. Taireva  [13:36]
  4. Chipindura  [22:18]

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