Luken Pasipamire & Chris Mhlanga 1999


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Stomping, lively mbira to dance to, even without hosho, and a clear playing style mbira students can learn from. Powerful mbira player Luken Pasipamire is a veteran of the Mhuri yekwaRwizi group, which was famous in Zimbabwe in the 1960’s and 1970’s. Enjoy the contrast of his gentle vocals with the strong mbira style. Chris Mhlanga is known for his mbira building, as well as playing. Here, these old friends swith parts seamlessly in the middle of some pieces. Pasipamire plays solo on track 4, Mhlanga plays solo on track 8. [Total time: 79:31]


  1. Nhema musasa  [14:21]
  2. Bukatiende  [6:02]
  3. Taireva  [12:03]
  4. Taireva  [5:56]
  5. Bangidza  [6:26]
  6. Chawasarira  [6:26]
  7. Nhimutimu  [8:43]
  8. Kari mugomba  [3:19]
  9. Mahororo  [16:00]

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