Mandarendare Mbira Group 2005


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This group from the rural Ringa Resettlement Area near Chihota, Zimbabwe, has a good groove, and features a nyamaropa dongonda mbira, played by the late Agrippa Shereni, as well as two regular nyamaropa tuning mbiras. ‘Dongonda’ refers to an mbira with the right hand notes an octave lower than usual, resulting in a sound reminiscent of the njari, another type of mbira, which has become rare in Zimbabwe. Tracks 3,4, and 5 feature this mbira played solo, with vocals and hosho; the other tracks include the full group, with and without vocals. The song the group is named after, Mandarendare, has a hook that will have you hearing it in your head, maybe bouncing to the beat, hours later. [Total time: 77:32]


  1. Mandarendare  [10:13]
  2. Bangidza  [10:24]
  3. Taireva  [10:08]
  4. Dande  [5:13]
  5. Nyamaropa  [9:00]
  6. Bukatiende  [11:44]
  7. Nhimutimu  [9:01]
  8. Kuzanga  [11:18]

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