Matepe 1971: Saini Madera, Saini Murira & More


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The matepe, also known as madhebe or hera, is a type of mbira played in the northeast corner of Zimbabwe and adjacent areas of Mozambique in ceremonies for ancestor spirits, as well as recreational contexts. This recording was made by Robert Garfias during a trip to Zimbabwe, then Rhodesia, in 1971, and features wonderful singing, and hosho, as well as several matepe played by Tonga musicians at Nyahuku River School in Mukota. The piece Siti musikana akanaka is known to some outside Zimbabwe who have played Andrew Tracey’s marimba arrangement. 

Recorded by Robert Garfias at Nyahuku River School, Mukota. [Total time: 61:32]


  1. Chamunorwa vana vako vadapera  [10:22]
  2. Siti musikana wakanaka  [9:52]
  3. Marume ashora mambo  [9:43]
  4. Aroyiwa mwana “Waroya mwana”  [16:01]
  5. Msengu  [5:35]
  6. Kari muchipfuwa  [8:41]
  7. Tuning of the matepe  [0:51]

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Title Matepe 1971: Saini Madera, Saini Murira & More
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