Nighttime Nemakonde – Forward Kwenda 2001


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The low, low luscious full sound of Forward’s Nemakonde tuning mbira makes this recording favorite nighttime listening. Gentle singing perfectly complements the mbira as it moves through many moods: meditative, lively, grounded, passionate. This recording was made around 1 am, prime mbira time for a musician used to playing at the all-night mapira (ceremonies) used to call ancestors and other benevolent spirits in Zimbabwe. [Total time: 47:17]


  1. Mbavarira  [5:48]
  2. Marenje  [9:14]
  3. Chipembere  [9:43]
  4. Nyuchi  [9:03]
  5. Tadzungaira  [13:10]

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Title Nighttime Nemakonde – Forward Kwenda 2001
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