Nyama Musango for Practice


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Nyama musango means “Meat in the forest,” referring to animals hunted for food in ancient times.  In the simplest style of the piece, the kushaura and kutsinhira parts are the same, with the kutsinhira starting one note later than the kushaura. The main hosho beat falls on the bass notes of kushaura, the hosho “swoosh” (after the main beat) falls on the bass notes of kutsinhira. As you become comfortable playing the piece with and without hosho, and in kushaura and kutsinhira positions, try the faster tempo tracks. Of course, this is only one style of this mbira piece, there are many others! [Total time: 56:27]


  1. Mbira Slow  [8:51]
  2. Kushaura & Hosho Slow  [7:12]
  3. Kutsinhira & Hosho Slow  [8:55]
  4. Mbira Faster  [8:57]
  5. Kushaura & Hosho Faster  [7:59]
  6. Kutsinhira & Hosho Faster  [9:05]
  7. Kushaura and Kutsinhira Together  [5:02]

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