Patricia Mukarati 2022


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It’s always a pleasure to meet another woman mbira player! The true story she tells with Chigwaya in this recording is called Chitambiro chevasikana. It tells of girls who swam and fished where not allowed in a sacred lake…they were taken by njuzu (mermaids) and never came back, despite ceremonies done to appease the njuzu. Mukarati is originally from the Chihota rural area, now she is based in Chitungwiza. ‘MBIRA workshop pitch’ (around B) nyamaropa tuning. [Total time: 68:49]


  1. Chamutengure  [18:32]
  2. Chigwaya (with story)  [18:07]
  3. Nhema musasa  [8:48]
  4. Bangidza  [10:20]
  5. Chaminuka ndimambo  [9:18]
  6. Shumba yangwasha then Mahororo ‘Chimhandara’  [6:43]

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Title Patricia Mukarati 2022
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