Renold & Caution Shonhai 2005


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The Shonhai brothers from the Nyamweda area of Mhondoro Communal Area play a lovely mbira style, and the parts are so perfectly entwined that they sound truly one. Yet, the separation on the recording will enable mbira students to learn the parts by putting an ear to one speaker at a time. With no vocals, the high lines shine like a silver ribbon weaving through the fabric of the music. The consistent flow and volume of this one make it perfect for bedtime, massage sessions, and yoga workouts. Or, turn it up and dance! [Total time: 79:49]


  1. Bangidza ‘Dandiro’  [8:13]
  2. Chakwi ‘Magonyati’  [9:08]
  3. Nyama musango  [8:56]
  4. Mahororo  [6:44]
  5. Machena  [5:46]
  6. Chakwi-Chandasarira  [9:25]
  7. Bangidza ‘Dande’  [7:37]
  8. Shumba yangwasha  [6:16]
  9. Taireva yekare ‘Chipangura’  [6:53]
  10. Bukatiende  [10:11]

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Title Renold & Caution Shonhai 2005
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