Rwizi Mutoro Mbira Group 2005


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This group comes from the area of rural Mhondoro Communal Area under Chief Rwizi, and play very very low pitched nyamaropa tuning mbiras. The name of the group refers to their chief, and that they play for the spirits at the mutoro. A mutoro is a small house used only for prayers to the spirits. The low pitched mbiras, staccato bursts of singing, and hosho, result in an interesting texture on this selection of mbira classics. [Total time: 79:52]


  1. Tadzungaira Murooro  [9:40]
  2. Kariga mombe  [7:58]
  3. Taireva  [7:49]
  4. Chipindura  [7:51]
  5. Mahororo  [7:51]
  6. Mangondoza  [8:16]
  7. Nhema musasa  [7:33]
  8. Nyamaropa chipembere  [7:43]
  9. Bukatiende  [6:18]
  10. Nyamaropa Gorekore  [8:11]

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