Samaita 2010: Vitalis Botsa on Gandanga/​Mavembe Tuning


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Soulful, virtuoso mbira playing, full waves of music that will wash you away to a far far place…”Samaita” Vitalis Botsa takes us on a journey with the amazing mbira style more commonly associated with former mbira partner Forward Kwenda. A “market gardener” who grows vegetables in Muzanenhamo Village, Murehwa, Samaita had not played mavembe tuning mbira for 13 years, and he says he’s out of practice after only 3 months to get reacquainted with the tuning. But, other mbira players would love to sound like this…EVER! [Total time: 77:38]


  1. Tadzungaira  [14:46]
  2. Dande  [10:38]
  3. Marenje  [11:52]
  4. Muzazaranda  [7:36]
  5. Chipembere  [12:08]
  6. Shumba  [6:08]
  7. Mauya mauya  [7:36]
  8. Mbavarira  [6:26]

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