Sinyoro Caution Shonhai Solo 2019


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2019 brought great hardship to this family, with crop failure due to drought, and the children moving to South Africa in search of work to support their extended family, leaving their parents lonely. But a gwenyambira can always find solace in mbira and prayers to the ancestors. Now that 2020 has turned out to be even worse than 2019, we ALL need the comfort of Caution’s mbira and prayers. Tatenda Sinyoro! [Total time: 79:20]


  1. Goronga  [10:10]
  2. Bangidza  [21:16]
  3. Hata yemhute  [15:48]
  4. Dindingwe  [7:20]
  5. Nhema musasa  [14:10]
  6. Nzira dzemusango  [4:14]
  7. Ndoenda ndega  [6:24]

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Title Sinyoro Caution Shonhai Solo 2019
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