Tute Chigamba Solo 2016


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Now in his mid-70’s, Tute Chigamba is still a master mbira player! Here he plays solo on gandanga (also known as mavembe) tuning, a tuning he helped to popularize with other mbira players. The pieces include both mbira classics, and some songs specific to the Chigamba family repertoire. There is mellow singing, mostly low-pitched mahonyera, with most of the pieces. And, yes, you do hear him using the left finger key in some of the songs, such as Nyuchi and Chipembere. [Total time: 85:24]


  1. Tinovatenda  [2:52]
  2. Marariromba  [7:52]
  3. Mutamba “Guruve”  [7:50]
  4. Chaminuka  [2:08]
  5. Vasina katura  [7:24]
  6. Bembero  [7:52]
  7. Nhimutimu  [10:30]
  8. Dande  [8:14]
  9. Nyuchi  [6:48]
  10. Chipembere  [8:40]
  11. Nhema musasa  [6:26]
  12. Nyama musango  [9:00]

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