Vashauri Vol. 1: Great Mbira Singers of Zimbabwe


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The most traditional form of singing with Zimbabwe’s ancient mbira tradition is extremely improvisational, believed to be voices of spirits coming through the singers. Today, this form of singing is endangered by the influence of Western pop music, and the preference of urban audiences for pop-influenced mbira singing, which is more repetitive and much less improvisational than the original tradition. This CD is dedicated to Moses Mude (the legendary Hakurotwi’s younger son), the only young mbira player who I have heard sing in the traditional way in recent years – to encourage him to continue to follow in the footsteps of the great vashauri (lead singers) among his elders. This CD includes recordings from the last 35 years, of mbira singers both past and present, some famous and some unknown. [Total time: 73:22]


  1. Forward Kwenda: Mukai tiende  [9:22]
  2. Langton Matanhike: Mahororo  [10:12]
  3. Nicholas Jemwa: Nyamaropa yevaNhowe (with Fungai Mujuru)  [13:10]
  4. Newton Gwara: Mbirimo  [6:40]
  5. Lovemore Chikanga & Fidelis Dzimwe: Mahororo serewende (Dendera Resango Mbira Group)  [4:13]
  6. Hakurotwi Mude: Nhema musasa (with Mhuri yekwaRwizi)  [2:43]
  7. Sam Chigumbu: Mahororo/​Nyamaropa ‘Chipembere’ (with Tradition Mbira Group)  [12:01]
  8. Thomas ‘Sekuru Gora’ Wadharwa: Mbavarira (with Tute Chigamba)  [5:05]
  9. Mondrek & Francesca Muchena: Mahororo/​Nyamaropa (with Erick Muchena)  [6:31]
  10. Hakurotwi Mude: Nyamaropa (with Mhuri yekwaRwizi)  [2:44]

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