Bangidza Lessons 2: “Old Bangidza” Kushaura & Variations


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These 7 video lessons teach another of the many styles of the classic Shona mbira piece Bangidza (‘Show, as in show how to do something’).  Some call this style “Old Bangidza”.  This set includes the kushaura part and variations.  The next set will include the kutsinhira part and variations.

The lessons are taught in MBIRA workshop pitch (around B) nyamaropa tuning, but can be used with other nyamaropa tuning mbiras if you have pitch changing software.

You can download the videos one at a time, or all at once, but please complete downloading within 14 days of purchase before your access expires.


  1. Kushaura
  2. Kushaura with Beat
  3. Kushaura Less Left
  4. Kushaura Left Variation
  5. Kushaura High Line 1
  6. Kushaura High Line 2
  7. Kushaura High Line 3

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Title Bangidza Lessons 2: “Old Bangidza” Kushaura & Variations
SKU video-35261-download
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