Beauler Dyoko & The Black Souls 1994


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Hear Ambuya Beauler Dyoko and her 1994 group rock! Sadly, all members of this great group, except Dyoko, have since died of AIDS. In 1994 only, the group used an unusual tuning, similar to Katsanzaira but not as high pitched – Dorian mode in Western terms. Its fascinating to hear the group’s solid vocals with the melodies subtly altered to match the tuning. The kutsinhira player used a dongonda mbira (right hand keys an octave lower than usual). We had planned to make this recording at Beauler’s home, but heavy rain on the metal roof required a move to the dining room of the nearby township beer hall! [Total time: 76:11]


  1. Nhema musasa  [9:05]
  2. Taireva yekare ‘Kusuva musha’  [7:47]
  3. Rasai mapfumo  [11:25]
  4. Unozofa  [8:27]
  5. Shumba  [9:44]
  6. Muzoriwa ‘Chigamba’  [8:19]
  7. Bukatiende  [10:31]
  8. Taireva  [6:41]
  9. Dande  [3:33]

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