Charles Dutiro & Erica Azim 1994


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When Erica Azim gave the late Charles Dutiro (brother of Chartwell) a copy of her Mbira Dreams cassette in 1994, Charles said,“Let me teach you more singing to those pieces!” While Erica never studied with him, the result was a delightful evening with Charles and his wife, which included this recording…with Erica playing a Samsengere tuning mbira she had never played before, and Dutiro singing and playing hosho. Enjoy the beautiful singing! [Total time: 23:54]


  1. Chakwi  [6:28]
  2. Bangidza  [5:20]
  3. Nyamaropa  [4:42]
  4. Taireva  [3:02]
  5. Muka tiende  [4:22]