Dzongodza Taonezvi 2003


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Mmmm…this senior musician from rural Chihota plays a very low pitched mbira in a tuning similar to Dorian mode, which he calls ‘nyuchi samsengere’. Mellow middle-of-the-night style singing on some tracks, with some amazing pieces you’ve never heard before as well as great versions of the classics. The deep timbre of both the mbira and vocals evokes ancient times… [Total time: 76:06]


  1. Nhimutimu ‘yaNyamaropa’  [11:59]
  2. Mutamba  [6:28]
  3. Chamupupuri  [7:24]
  4. Chuma  [4:53]
  5. Mukai tiende  [7:45]
  6. Shumba huru  [11:10]
  7. Nhema musasa  [5:37]
  8. Shumba yanyamusakara  [10:47]
  9. Muzoriwa/​Dangurangu  [9:25]

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