Ephraim Musekiwa – Nyamaropa Tuning Mbira 2003


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This musician from Mukarakate, in Murehwa Communal Area, plays a sweet high-pitched nyamaropa tuning. These excellent versions of the mbira classics will be accessible to some mbira students to learn from the recording. Get inside the musician’s experience of the piece by listening to him sing very very softly along with some of the melodies the mbira is playing. [Total time: 78:26]


  1. Nyamaropa  [9:30]
  2. Bukatiende  [9:44]
  3. Nyamaropa chipembere  [9:49]
  4. Dande  [9:40]
  5. Kariga mombe  [9:44]
  6. Shumba  [9:45]
  7. Nhema musasa yepasi  [9:36]
  8. Dangu rangu  [9:54]

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Title Ephraim Musekiwa – Nyamaropa Tuning Mbira 2003
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