Forward Kwenda 2006 – Bass Nemakonde Tuning


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Its almost impossible to believe that one person, playing one time, could make so much music with two thumbs and one finger! Of course, Forward Kwenda, considered by many to be the greatest living mbira player today, says that his spirits play the mbira, not him, ‘How could a human being think of that?’ In Zimbabwe, ancient spirits come to help the living before Kwenda can finish playing one mbira piece; thus, his mbira style is considered to be more ancient than other styles. Here, he is playing on an extremely low Nemakonde tuning mbira, a third lower than his previous Nemakonde recordings – turn up the bass on your CD player and sink into the deep sounds of Forward’s musical prayers…powerful medicine… [Total time: 79:43]


  1. Shumba  [17:30]
  2. Mauya mauya  [11:00]
  3. Nyama musango  [7:44]
  4. Marenje  [9:43]
  5. Muzazaranda  [12:08]
  6. Tadzungaira  [21:16]

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Title Forward Kwenda 2006 – Bass Nemakonde Tuning
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