Fradreck Mujuru 1998 – Dambatsoko Tuning


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Fradreck Mujuru is known worldwide for the perfectly crafted and beautiful sounding mbiras that he builds. This solo recording from 1998 reminds us that he is also an accomplished musician! Enjoy the rich low sound of the family’s Dambatsoko tuning on both mbira classics and Mujuru family repertoire. The pieces on tracks 1 and 3 have unusual cycle lengths, and all the tracks are long enough for advanced mbira students to learn from, if you have this tuning. [Total time: 91:40]


  1. Musakara  [9:06]
  2. Nyamaropa yeDambatsoko  [9:40]
  3. Nyonganyonga  [13:32]
  4. Masangano  [12:40]
  5. Taireva  [8:24]
  6. Mutamba  [15:48]
  7. Taireva yekare “Mutegamutega”  [11:04]
  8. Chakwi  [11:26]

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Title Fradreck Mujuru 1998 – Dambatsoko Tuning
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