Fradreck Mujuru & Fungai Mujuru – Dambatsoko Tuning Mbira 2002


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The Mujuru family have been mbira makers and great mbira players for centuries. The low Dambatsoko tuning of the family seems to be inherently meditative, and is fast becoming a favorite worldwide. This CD, with two Dambatsoko mbiras and no vocals, is perfect for meditation and bodywork. Fradreck Mujuru is known for his perfectly crafted instruments, as well as his talent and love for mbira. Fungai Mujuru is the gentle elder of the current clan of Mujuru mbira players, a great inspiration to the dozens of younger musicians in the family. [Total time: 78:50]


  1. Mukazondidana  [9:39]
  2. Shumba yaNgwasha  [10:03]
  3. Nyonganyonga  [9:53]
  4. Musakara  [10:11]
  5. Nyamaropa yevaNhowe  [9:54]
  6. Bangidza  [9:39]
  7. Pfodora  [7:06]
  8. Nyamaropa yeDambatsoko  [11:52]

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Title Fradreck Mujuru & Fungai Mujuru – Dambatsoko Tuning Mbira 2002
SKU music-3402
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