Fradreck & Nyarai Manjengwa – Dambatsoko Tuning 2005


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Talented musician and sculptor Fradreck Manjengwa plays with his 24-year old daughter Nyarai in

Dambatsoko tuning. One of very few young women mbira players, Nyarai primarily plays basic kushaura parts that will be easy for mbira students to learn from this recording. However, on tracks 1 and 8, hear her mbira get lively playing rhythmically complex kutsinhira parts in the style of one of her teachers, Fungai Mujuru. Fradreck Manjengwa is a very traditional man, in constant contact with his ancestral spirits – feel that flavor in his singing and mbira playing. [Total time: 76:05]


  1. Dande  [11:03]
  2. Masangano  [9:02]
  3. Mutunga homo  [10:05]
  4. Mubvumbi  [12:09]
  5. Bangidza  [4:48]
  6. Nyamaropa yevaMbire  [8:41]
  7. Mutavara  [6:26]
  8. Mukatiende ‘Dande repamusoro’  [13:08]

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