Gift Rushambwa 2010: Gandanga/​Mavembe Tuning Mbira


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Talented mbira player and maker Gift Rushambwa comes from the rural Hwedza area of Zimbabwe, where famed mbira player Thomas “Sekuru Gora” Wadarwa was one of his early teachers. Some people consider Shumba an easy mbira piece…listen to Gift’s virtuoso playing and discover how far it can go! Gift, his wife, and 5 children, now live in in the town of Norton, in a large house which he built solely from the proceeds of MBIRA’s sales of his instruments! [Total time: 78:32]


  1. Shumba  [8:18]
  2. Nyuchi  [10:17]
  3. Nhema musasa  [8:04]
  4. Marenje  [7:59]
  5. Mandarendare “Nhimutimu”  [7:08]
  6. Chipembere  [8:59]
  7. Mahororo  [8:08]
  8. Kari mugomba  [7:35]
  9. Shanje  [5:42]
  10. Mutamba  [5:41]

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