Gift Rushambwa 2019 – Nyamaropa Tuning


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Gorgeous solo mbira from this Hwedza musician now living in Norton, where he was recorded at home. More known internationally as an mbira maker, Rushambwa is an outstanding mbira player! The tuning is MBIRA workshop pitch (B) nyamaropa tuning, so those with that tuning may be able to play together with it, and all players will get many ideas for variations on the songs they know. [Total time: 79:29]


  1. Bangidza  [14:25]
  2. Kuzanga  [15:16]
  3. Chipembere  [15:04]
  4. Nhimutimu  [14:49]
  5. Shumba  [14:53]
  6. Zara nyika ‘Muka tiende’  [4:49]

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Title Gift Rushambwa 2019 – Nyamaropa Tuning
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