Goliath Rambakudzibwa – Nyamaropa Tuning Mbira 2003


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Talented Chivhu mbira player and vocalist Goliath Rambakudzibwa plays solid, satisfying versions of the classics on a low-pitched nyamaropa tuning mbira. His rolling style incorporates interesting improvisation without startling. Relaxed vocals fit in nicely with his style, making the whole even more satisfying. Tracks 1 and 5 are excellent mbira adaptations of traditional vocal pieces. [Total time: 68:38]


  1. Pfumo jena  [7:47]
  2. Tadzungaira ‘kurwa hondo’  [7:43]
  3. Ndiri murombo  [7:45]
  4. Mutamba  [7:46]
  5. Ingwe ine mavara  [7:36]
  6. Nyamaropa ‘serevende’  [7:37]
  7. Bukatiende ‘vakarima baba’  [7:36]
  8. Bangidza  [7:01]
  9. Nyama musango  [7:09]

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