Henry Gandidzanwa 2009


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Fans of unusual mbira tunings will love this variant of mavembe/gandanga tuning, played by Henry Gandidzanwa from the rural Ringa area of Zimbabwe. Enjoy his quirky versions of mbira classics, including a rocking Kariga mombe! Between the interesting tuning and the slightly different style, standard mbira pieces have a whole new flavor. This is a great example of how the same mbira pieces, played for over 1,000 years, sound different in each village. [Total time: 79:54]


  1. Kariga mombe  [7:32]
  2. Shumba “huru”  [9:40]
  3. Nhema musasa  [8:08]
  4. Nyamaropa chipembere “Serevende”  [8:48]
  5. Kuzanga  [7:54]
  6. Nhimutimu  [5:52]
  7. Nyama musango  [7:56]
  8. Chipembere  [5:30]
  9. Bangidza  [9:00]
  10. Mahororo  [8:58]

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