Katsanzaira Tuning Collection – Forward Kwenda 2000


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Katsanzaira is a sweet high mbira tuning — the name refers to the first gentle rain before a storm hits. The Dorian mode intervals of this tuning give a haunting flavor to many mbira pieces. This recording includes standards from the ancient Shona mbira repertoire, and an unusual piece, Zvarambwa, which has a 22 beat cycle consisting of three phrases of 8, 6, and 8 beats. Listen to Dangurangu and see if you can tell when Forward is no longer there and the spirits are playing mbira! And Taireva yepasi is an oh, so sweet favorite. [Total time: 79:59]


  1. Nyama musango  [12:47]
  2. Taireva yepasi  [10:00]
  3. Nhema musasa  [11:40]
  4. Shumba  [5:36]
  5. Zvarambwa  [11:27]
  6. Nyama musango  [5:02]
  7. Dangurangu  [23:08]

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