Leonard Chiyanike 2012: Muchenje Dongonda Tuning


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Enjoy a fascinating musical voyage with this incredibly talented master mbira player, playing the unusual muchenje dongonda tuning. The tuning has the right hand keys of Dambatsoko tuning, and the left hand keys an octave higher than Dambatsoko. The combination of the high-pitched tuning, the intricate style, and Chiyanike’s so-mellow low-pitched vocals, give this recording a gentle magical quality one could listen to all night…

(Note: you get an extra 10 minutes on the download edition that could not fit on the CD) [Total time: 79:08]


  1. Dande  [10:02]
  2. Nyuchi  [23:20]
  3. Shumba yangwasha “Chigamba”  [7:24]
  4. Bangidza  [20:13]
  5. Kariga mombe  [17:51]

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Title Leonard Chiyanike 2012: Muchenje Dongonda Tuning
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