Nyuchi Mbira Piece Intensive


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Nyuchi (”Bees”) is a traditional Shona song played in ceremonies and at other occasions. This collection includes perfomances of the piece in nyamaropa (track 3), mavembe/gandanga (tracks 1,2.7,8,9,10,11), nemakonde (track 5), and muchenje dongonda (track 4) tunings. Tute Chigamba tells a story, “Long ago, there was a man who was traveling to a place where he was afraid he could be attacked. He took a mukombe (gourd ladle) and filled it with bees, stuffing cloth in the opening to keep them inside. As he traveled, he was actually attacked. He released the bees, and his attackers ran away while being stung!” [Total time: 79:45]

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Title Nyuchi Mbira Piece Intensive
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