Shasha at 80: Tute Chigamba 2019


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Still a shasha (”expert/champion”) at age 80, Tute Chigamba is one of the living masters of the mbira. This recording was made during a trip to the village where he grew up long ago, in rural Guruve, Zimbabwe. An unusual piece on the recording is Zveshanje, which Chigamba says his older brother (long gone) used to play on the njari (a different type of mbira). Tracks 1-5 are in nyamaropa tuning (pitch around B but intervals not exactly nyamaropa), and tracks 6-10 are in mavembe, also known as gandanga, tuning. [Total time: 78:32]


  1. Kuzanga ‘Nhema’  [5:36]
  2. Muzoriwa  [5:42]
  3. Shumba  [7:45]
  4. Zveshanje  [9:21]
  5. Nyamaropa chipembere ‘Nhimutimu’  [12:13]
  6. Mutamba ‘Guruve’  [7:14]
  7. Nyatwa  [10:17]
  8. Dande  [9:00]
  9. Nyuchi  [5:11]
  10. Mutamba  [5:49]

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Title Shasha at 80: Tute Chigamba 2019
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