Shava neSoko: Patience Chaitezvi Munjeri & Irene Chigamba 2017


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This unique recording features two women master mbira players who grew up in very traditional, and very musical, families. They both have played mbira in ceremonies since early childhood. Both are extremely talented musicians, as well as excellent teachers who have taught many others to play. Recently they became friends, and you’ll enjoy the music this happy intersection brings us! The title of the album “Shava neSoko” is an excerpt from the traditional mbira lyric “Mutupo wakanaka Shava neSoko”, “Eland and Monkey/Baboon are good totems”, because these are their totems (Patience is Shava and Irene is Soko). Mavembe/Gandanga tuning. [Total time: 1:18]


  1. Mukai tiende  [10:36]
  2. Marenje  [6:16]
  3. Shumba  [9:38]
  4. Chipembere  [9:34]
  5. Kariga mombe  [5:12]
  6. Shanje  [9:06]
  7. Mutamba-Guruve  [7:00]
  8. Nhema musasa-Masongano  [11:08]
  9. Mbavarira  [9:20]

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