‘Sinyoro’ Caution Shonhai & ‘Samaita’ Vitalis Botsa 2022, Vol. 1


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The joy!!!! These two musicians live in different parts of Zimbabwe and had never been to each other’s villages. They met at workshop mbira parties over the years and felt the connection immediately, always sitting near each other and singing to each other. This song was their first time ever to play together, just the 2 of them, when we took Samaita Botsa to Sinyoro Shonhai’s village in Nyamweda, Mhondoro. Wow!!!! By the end of the song, tears of bliss were running down the faces of both players and listeners. SO healing!

And this is the perfect album to sing along with on a road trip! [Total time: 73:18]

Track 1:
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  1. Nhema musasa  [73:18]

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Title ‘Sinyoro’ Caution Shonhai & ‘Samaita’ Vitalis Botsa 2022, Vol. 1
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