Spirit Power: Forward Kwenda 2002


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Once again, the spirits of the ancestors work their magical power through the thumbs of Forward Kwenda, as he ‘gets out of the way’ and lets it happen. Its fascinating to hear Forward start playing a piece, and then hear the spirits take over. You will find your heart soaring, find yourself crying, laughing, exalting in the divine. Even for those experienced in mbira music, each piece goes farther than one ever imagined… [Total time: 64:52]


  1. Mandarendare Nhimutimu  [11:19]
  2. Marenje  [9:55]
  3. Shumba yepasi  [9:54]
  4. Mukai tiende  [11:59]
  5. Mbavarira  [7:22]
  6. Dzauya mombe  [6:44]
  7. Dande  [7:10]

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