Tavengwa Chikupo – Nyamaropa Tuning Mbira 2003


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This Murehwa Communal Area mbira player has a sweet, steady sound with the mbira classics. Mbira students will be able to learn variations from this one, as the relationship of Chikupo’s improvisation to the basic parts is easy to hear. The mbira used was in the tuning of the Magaya family, and the nyamaropa tuning verged on Dorian mode that day. Bangidza is a favorite on this one! [Total time: 71:25]


  1. Bangidza  [8:00]
  2. Kari muDande  [6:43]
  3. Chigwaya  [6:38]
  4. Kuzanga  [9:00]
  5. Nhema musasa  [10:04]
  6. Chipembere  [4:30]
  7. Nyamaropa  [6:50]
  8. Tondobayana  [6:44]
  9. Taireva  [2:53]
  10. Mahororo  [9:20]

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