The Healing Tape on CD – Tute & Pama Chigamba 1986


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One of our most popular recordings over the years…this one is so, so relaxing and tension-free. Although this performance was not specifically intended to heal, people worldwide have claimed it helped them heal from illnesses, accidents, and emotional trauma…thus the name! Hear the incredible oneness of the two interlocking mbira parts played by these brothers. As with many MBIRA recordings, this is a casual field recording, not originally intended for distribution, but the occasional child or dancer in the background does not disturb the mood. [Total time: 43:11]


  1. Ndomutenda mambo  [1:38]
  2. Bembero  [4:11]
  3. Chipembere  [4:35]
  4. Bukatiende  [5:30]
  5. Nyama musango  [6:08]
  6. Shumba ‘huru’  [5:28]
  7. Dangamvura  [5:55]
  8. 9. Mbavarira  [5:17]
  9. 10. Shumba yatubwete  [3:50]

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Title The Healing Tape on CD – Tute & Pama Chigamba 1986
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