Tradition Mbira Group 28 April 1996


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This nyamaropa tuning mbira group rocks, and has the extra treat of Sam Chigumbu’s soulful vocals. With satisfyingly long tracks, this is a perfect album to dance to, take a long drive to, practice hosho with, sing along with… Sam Chigumbu talked about the piece Baya wabaya, saying, “This song was used before for strength in war, but is now sung to ask for rain. I sing ‘Hondo hatidi’ and ‘Handichada’, meaning I don’t want war or fighting.” [Total time: 91:46]


  1. Kari mugomba “Chipembere  [30:19]
  2. Shumba “Shumba inorura”  [12:04]
  3. Bangidza  [4:27]
  4. Nhema musasa  [12:33]
  5. Muka tiende  [11:41]
  6. Chigamba  [9:02]
  7. Baya wabaya  [11:45]

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Title Tradition Mbira Group 28 April 1996
SKU music-3205
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