Musekiwa Chingodza & Herbert Matema 2003


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Fans of Musekiwa Chingodza won’t want to miss this recording, which features Chingodza and his uncle, Herbert Matema, playing soulful mbira both solo and together. Most of this recording is in mavembe (aka gandanga) tuning, but Matema plays solos in nyamaropa and nyamaropa dongonda tunings. Chingodza’s lovely gentle vocals enhance many tracks, and Matema’s ‘old man style’ vocals on his solo tracks are a typical Zimbabwean village sound…centuries ago or today. If you think you hear another percussion instrument, that is the intermittent buzzing of the bottletops on the mbiras, which has a life of its own on this recording. [Total time: 78:35]


  1. Mukatiende  [10:27]
  2. Mukatiende  [7:50]
  3. Nhema musasa  [9:58]
  4. Shumba  [10:02]
  5. Tinomutenda mambo  [9:59]
  6. Kari mugomba  [9:42]
  7. Kariga mombe  [10:04]
  8. Taireva  [9:58]

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Title Musekiwa Chingodza & Herbert Matema 2003
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