Samuel & Paidamoyo Mujuru 2010: Dambatsoko Tuning Mbira


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The Mujuru Village, also called Dambatsoko, probably has the highest percentage of its population playing mbira of any location in Zimbabwe. This recording features Samuel Mujuru, an excellent mbira player and maker, like his older brother (Fradreck), together with 17-year old daughter Paidamoyo. At the time of this recording, Paidamoyo had only been playing mbira for 6 months. However, the family was already saying “She has her father’s hand (playing mbira)”, meaning that she plays well, in her father’s style. [Total time: 1:14]


  1. Chakwi “waRozvi”  [4:50]
  2. Nhema musasa 1  [8:22]
  3. Chakwi chaMutota  [11:42]
  4. Baya wabaya “Mukazondidana” 1  [6:05]
  5. Nyamaropa yeDambatsoko  [8:58]
  6. Nhema musasa yaNehanda  [7:52]
  7. Masangano  [10:56]
  8. Baya wabaya “Mukazondidana” 2  [10:20]
  9. Nhema musasa 2  [4:14]

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