The Mbira – An African Musical Tradition


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This book is an important introduction to Zimbabwean mbira music for those from other continents. If you are attracted to mbira music, but are unfamiliar with its history and cultural significance, and perhaps wonder whether it’s really OK for you to play it, this book will answer all your questions!

Official description:

An introductory guide to the mbira: the spiritual traditions, historical perspectives, and practical applications of a sacred Zimbabwean instrument.

In this accessible overview steeped in history and tradition, teacher and student Māhealani Uchiyama offers insights for learning about the mbira and actively engaging with it in an informed and respectful way.


  • Mbira Of The Ancestors
  • The Lamellaphone Family
  • Entering the Circle
  • Of Stone, Gold and Blood
  • The Elephant In The Room
  • Learning Mbira
  • Other Shona Musical Instruments
  • Mbira Dance